Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What a Day for a Daydream ~

Solitude and Sigur Rós combined make me want to cry. Their music centers me in a way that only some things can.

I'm feeling so centered right now. Solitude is one component of who I am that is so freeing for me. It is space for me to gather myself while at the same time unleashing everything that is contained within the corners of my soul. My journal and thick binder packed full with an assortment of thoughts, experiences and feelings in the form of pen on paper is where I go to release. The head-space that I'm in when I am writing, drawing, painting or simply just allowing my inner-essence to flow is a kind of secret sanctuary. Nobody knows this place but myself. I can go to this hidden space and be free of judgement.
I have years and years worth of chronicled joy, pain and more pain, personal experiences, doubts, anxieties and excitement all concealed within this space. It is literally like a plunge pool, where my plethora of thoughts spill like a waterfall.
And when I'm in this space I am lounged out on my floor, centered and content, often feeling overwhelmed with abundance and love. Just the simple sensation of mentally releasing while at the same time being able to salvage some really interesting concepts or unintentional poetry.
Although it is a space of total confinement, it's at the same time a limitless space of introspection, mind-exploration and boundless musings.

The perfect setting for a free spirit.

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