Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cloudbursts & Chiropractors

It's thundering today! I haven't heard thunder is so many months, and it sounds so magnificent. I've missed thunderstorms actually, although when I was a lot younger I used to be absolutely terrified. They're really neat though and fascinating and powerful and awe-inspiring. Especially at nighttime when all you can see is really bright flashes illuminating your room. And when you're able to watch the storm and catch some great views of the fork-type strikes that are brighter than anything. Counting the seconds to see how far away it is ;) These cloudbursts that are produced in the sky are simply amazing.

Wow the thunder literally right now is rattling my house.

Yesterday I went to the Total Health Show in downtown Toronto with my friend. It was really really cool, I was all giddy when we first got there because every direction I looked I just wanted to dive into. Hundreds of amazing holistic health and alternative medicine stuff; organic foods, funky kitchen tools, EMF protection thinga-ma-bobs, energy healing and massage dudes, spiritual speakers, books galore! The list goes on actually. There was a booth selling coconuts that they drill a hole into and you drink out of. We got a whole bunch of samples of all kinds of hyped up super nutrition drinks. A lot of that sort of stuff I really don't buy in to or care to spend my time on. You know those people who are frantically trying to sell you their amazing product? We got a sample of wheatgrass juice though! I've wanted to try it for so long and it... definitely needed to be swallowed down like you'd shoot tequila. I want to juice wheatgrass though because I know it is super great and you'd get used to its potent flavour. Oh my school had a booth!! Was really nice to see that! For lunch I had a plate of all organic lentil, quinoa, broccoli, carrot and fresh parsley salad with apple cider vinaigrette. There was just so many cool things there!

One of the main things that happened, though, was a free analysis I got from a chiropractor. They tested my posture and balance and then rolled this thing up the back of my neck. After the image popped up of the nerves or whatever from my neck the first question he asked me was, "Were you in a car accident recently?".
Nope. "Haven't experienced any whiplash?" Nope.

Oh shit.
Yes I have actually! I was immediately jostled with intense concern about what happened to me a year ago:

I was hanging out with my brother and I went to make some oatmeal. I was standing by the stove stirring and I quite suddenly didn't want to eat it anymore. I felt really sick. I sat down on a chair by the kitchen table, except I sat down with the back of the chair beside me as opposed to behind me (like you'd usually sit on a chair). My brother came into the kitchen and I said, "I think I'm going to faint". He looked confused. That is all I remember.
Unfortunately, due to my position on the chair with nothing to support my back, I had fallen completely backwards and smacked my head on the ceramic floor below. Then I had a seizure. I woke up with my brother holding me up, "Holy shit are you ok? Are you ok?"
I can actually recall some very strange vivid images from when that happened.
I sat up and he said I was so happy and I kept apologizing and saying I was ok. I had absolutely no idea what had just happened. He got me to lay down on the couch. All I could hear was the loudest ringing in my ears.

My brother was literally traumatized, he still tells me to this day just how loud the hit was and how he wishes he had been able to catch me in time. I remember lying down on the couch watching him pace back in forth in terror as I asked, "Can you hear that? What is that sound?" Turns out concussions give you tinnitus.

Anyways, I, very distraught, told the chiropractor this and he said that is definitely why my readings were so high and, well, it's certainly not a good thing. He told me to get some x-rays done on my spine and neck. Needless to say, I'm pretty concerned now. After the event happened I went to the hospital the next day and the doctor said I was ok, no neurological damage or anything and it was simply left at that. I have pretty much not worried too much about it. I've been perfectly fine, no pain or anything (except super stiffness and tooth pain for about 2 weeks after it happened).

So that is that. I suppose I should make an appointment to get a check up though. :(

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  1. Wow! I didn't know you took a bop to the head. Maybe there's a tie-in to the other thing you mentioned, Meghan.


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