Sunday, February 27, 2011


~A photo I took early this morning
Last night I was walking home from my friends house with two of my friends. It was probably about 1:30am and it had been snowing for several hours. The snow was falling so heavily yet gently, slowly and quietly. It was fluffy and thick and ethereal and magical. I felt like I was walking through a mixture of Narnia and a winter wonderland. We laughed and walked whimsically through curvy paths among tall evergreens and naked willows. I flew my arms outwards as I skipped along the snowy path. Everything was so beautiful and amusing, it felt like I was in a dream of marshmallows and clouds. I was bursting a little bit with gratitude for all of the beauty. Everything was sparkling and I just had to point out the natural sparkles that nature makes! Who needs to go buy plastic sparkles from the dollar store when you've got real ones?

I notice so many things that nature makes that man likes to try and mimic - like swings, and seats. In one of my favourite forests there is a family of twirly, intertwining trees and one of the branches hangs across two trees, exactly like a swing. There is also this little tree that is bent in such a way that it could be used exactly like a chair, or a desk. And of course there are rocks, which are natural benches! My friend and I laugh about this. One time last summer we were walking through a grassy open pathway and there was a big rock atop a hill. And we sat on it. And we called it a natural bench.

Although I am feeling quite ready for springtime, I do love freshly fallen snow...

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  1. Looks amazing! It's been a long time since I saw snow.


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