Monday, December 27, 2010

Favourite Gift and the Sky

This is my favourite present I was given for Christmas. It's a bracelet with a crystal tree pendant and on the flip side it reads live the green life. The little tin it came in said "live in the present". Isn't that so clever? And I'm totally all about living in the moment ;)
My other favourite present is the calendar I got. Every Christmas I get a new calendar, and I love getting new ones. I just love putting them up and changing the page for each new month. This year I asked for a calendar with either mountains, nature, or something of the like with inspirational quotes if possible (I love inspirational quotes). The calendar I got is landscape photographs of Canada.

You know, this is the first Christmas where I really didn't want anything.  I just don't have that desire for things like I used to.

I'm excited for the new year. This year went by so fast. Time in general is going by so fast... it never seemed to. Christmas happened so out of nowhere that I barely noticed it. Usually each year I have some sort of miniature exciting countdown in my head but this year it was just like "Oh, now it's Boxing Day." Perhaps it's because I've been working so much...

Either way, the new year is approaching so very quickly and I know 2011 is going to be a good year. Every year to come will be a good one... because I am more aware now than ever of this deep never-ending journey I am on that just keeps teaching me all kinds of new lessons all the time.

One more thing I wanted to mention is about the sky. Lately I have noticed that I look up to the sky a lot. And when I look up to it, it grounds me. You know what I mean? I look to it and I think of its limitless boundaries and the space and stars and Universe that's up there. That we're in, rather. But when I think of this, it removes the seriousness of daily life from the moment and reminds me that we are only floating in space. And how can we take that seriously? It's laughable. There's nothing to worry about, nothing to fret over, there are no problems, life is life. It is what it is. No worries. Because we're floating around in space.

I always seem to talk about the Universe on this blog. I guess I think about it a lot.

Happy holidays

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  1. Very inspirational! I love the thought that we're all just floating around in space!
    Best wishes for 2011!


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