Friday, November 26, 2010

Raw Foods and a Juicer

I've been in such a happy mood lately, today especially. Since I've begun buying all my own foods, which I LOVE doing, I've discovered a lot of cool info on raw foods and the benefits and importance of consuming food in that way. I went to the health food store today (my goodness I love those stores) and picked up some Nori (seaweed sheets) and some vanilla almond milk. The man who worked there gave me the number of a business that delivers organic vegetables and fruits to your house! I'm totally going to look into that. I also took a trip to the grocery store and picked up nothing but tons and tons of fresh veg and fruit.

So I've been totally digging the raw stuff. Eating food raw allows you to get all the nutrients without scorching them on a pan. And so today I went out and bought myself a juicer! And oh my, it was the best decision I've made. I made a carrot, pear, spinach and celery juice and it tasted so wonderful. It was so smooth. It was the perfect mixture of life. And by life I mean, living foods. Literally, and I mean literally, once I started drinking it I actually was lifted with life energy! You know what I mean? Totally energized with LIFE from the EARTH! It was the most beautifully perfect way to be closest to nature. I already feel one with nature, so drinking nature was like fusing to nature in a whole new realm. It's not anything like pre-manufactured veggie drinks, this is the real deal man. All the nutrients go straight to your blood since there's barely a need to digest so it's like instant Mother Earth nature-life-energy.

Basically, I love it and I totally recommend a juicer because of the tremendously unbelievably delightful health benefits. And energy. And taste.

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