Monday, October 18, 2010

Where are we?

I am blowing my mind right now. I'm reading about the Universe and the Big Bang theory, among others, and looking at photos and diagrams of galaxies and blackness and space.

Where are we?
We are atomic, imperceptible, insignificantly minuscule microscopic teeny tiny life forms. We are not just in our house. We are not just in our town or our country. We are not driving down the street on this planet called Earth. We are floating around in the middle of fucking nowhere. We are drifting about in a super-colossal, monumental, massively astronomically enormous unknown place.

You know how the cells and atoms in our bodies are so incredibly small compared to, lets say, planets? Well I like to think of our Universe as a mirror of the microscopic life that is all around us. Things orbit in space just as things in our bodies do. I bet just one atom is a Universe in itself. And humans and all living organisms on Earth are like, ribosomes in a cell. If the Universe did begin from the Big Bang, then I wonder what exactly the explosion was. Do little explosions happen inside of us? I'd like to know. Because if so, then I bet the Big Bang was just an explosion that happened inside of... something. Some living thing. And these things go on and on and on forever.

This photo here blows my mind also. When I read the name "Ursa Major" I just imagined that being a woman who is so incredibly significant and much, much more important than little beings on earth. All of the names that are given to clusters and stars and galaxies sound so important. And the Milky Way is only one teensy little galaxy out of bajillions and bajillions of much greater galaxies.

All I want to know is why, what, how, who and where are we?

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