Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time is a Slippery Fish

It's already September and most of my friends are movin back to school for their second year in University. The summer went by so fast, in fact, time has gone by so fast since last September. It's already been one year since I moved into my lonely bachelor apartment. And then moved into residence in October. And then dropped out in December. It literally seems like a few months ago that I was in college, but it was almost an entire year ago! I can't recall time ever seeming to go by so fast when I was younger.

This whole time-going-by-so-fast thing really makes me think about how much I want to absorb everything that is happening every day! Soon enough I'm gonna be in my seventies and I'll wonder where the time went. I talked to my nana about this today. She said to me "20 is so young. Even 30... 40...50...60... Nah, I suppose there are people older than me" (a woman in her seventies trying to feel as young as she can, he he he). She looked as though she could remember so clearly the days when she was my age.

I always think about the things that I want to tell to my child(ren). All of the things I did when I was young, all my experiences. I think about what I am doing at this age and I imagine telling them all my stories.

For the next year I need to work every waking hour to pay off the money I owe from college, and then finally pursue my goals and dreams next fall! I really can't wait. I don't have any regrets about withdrawing from the program I was in. I've had so much time this year to think about what I want to do, things I want to achieve, places I want to go, dreams I want to live. I am so incredibly ambitious. So many things I want to do right now not next year! Oh well, the time will come and all the anticipation will make it well worth it.

I'm just going to continue living life to the fullest and capturing every ounce of my youth.

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