Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Cats

I have grown up with lots of cats. We kind of ended up collecting them. Rather, my mom had trouble putting her foot down when we'd beg for them at the pet store.

Beginning from fourteen years ago, we had: Ginger, Sebastian, Whiskers, Tessy, Tara, Scarlet, Paws, Panda, Ava and Riley. Ginger and Paws we kept for a very short time; we got rid of Whiskers for refusing his litter box when we introduced Tessy; my dad's ex-girlfriend claimed Scarlet; we put Panda down last year; and Sebastian (best cat in the entire world) was put down last week. So at this time I have four cats. Tessy and Ava at my moms house, and Tara and Riley at my dads.

I have learned a lot from my cats. Each of them have their own unique personality. My mom and I have talked about this before - those who don't have cats don't understand them, and those who don't understand them are missing out big time! Cats are very amazing animals. Humans develop a bond with their pets just as the pet develops a bond with their human. And I have had very strong bonds with my cats. Here is a collage of some of my lovable beauties:
From top left: Sebby, Tessy, Tara, Panda, Tessy & Sebby
Riley, Tara, Ava in a basket! and myself with Tara.

Miss you Seb and Panda!

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