Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Going to the Moon Tonight, You Should Come

Last night I had one of the coolest dreams I think I've ever had. I dreamed I was in outer space.

I was in a rocket ship with an astronaut. At first I didn't think he had legs, but I looked over and he was working his leg muscles on a treadmill (like they have to do to make sure they don't lose muscle mass). I was sitting by a little window looking out at all the blackness and stars and we flew passed the moon! The astronaut had to hook his suit up to something on the window for some reason, and when he did, the window began to crack and then it smashed open. Then it was really windy in the rocket ship.

Then I was flying around in a rocket ship with my dad and my older brother, who was steering. We were flying all around the blackness of space with stars all around, and I think this is when it started to get a bit scary. We were trying to land on the moon but my brother flew passed it and then we got lost and couldn't navigate our way back to where the moon was. So we landed on a planet. The planet was just like Earth - there were houses, towns, streets, trees. It was nighttime. We got out of the rocket ship and walked around a bit. Then I ran in to my old friend. She asked what I was up to. I asked her if she wanted to come to the moon with us. I said something like, "I'm actually going to the moon tonight, I seriously am, you should come!"

For a short time I was lost with somebody in a swamp. I was trying to jump over the water onto dry parts of dirt but kept falling in a bit. I think I went inside some sort of cabin.

And then I was back with my dad and brother and we were by a house in a neighbourhood. We looked up to the sky and found the moon! So we got back in our rocket ship and flew back off into space.

I almost always remember my dreams from each night; they are always quite vivid. I actually have myself a dream journal where I record dreams I have. I'm really into dream interpretation. Dreams are only replays of your thoughts and experiences, so I'm always interested to know how I'm subconsciously feeling.

According to my dream book and, outer space represents a metaphor that something has just come out of nowhere. This makes absolute sense seeing as I have actually said to myself how it seems like I went from needing a job to finally getting two of them and it all came out of nowhere. Stars in a dream means you will receive good news, which gives me shivers because I was actually offered the job I really wanted today. Interesting.

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