Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nighttime Creativity

I find myself the most creative at night, when I'm alone floppin around my room getting ready for bed. Doodling, journaling, thinking. I tend to put forth most of my effort with painting and drawing during the day; but nighttime is surely a time for sole creativity.
Sometimes it's a bit frustrating, in a lighthearted way, because my mind will become overloaded with ideas and inspirations and thoughts and my ambitious self seems to surface; and I can't help but wonder why must I be so creative when I'm getting ready for sleep?? All the wonderful things I come up with would be nice first thing in the morning, but mornings are rather the opposite of creative.
This creative quality time I spend with myself is one of my favourite times. It allows me to catch all my thoughts of the day and put my mind in order. To calm my inner self down, to be free minded, free spirited, to just be. I think sometimes - perhaps most of the time - during the day we lose ourselves. We lose ourselves in the busyness, the outer world. Nighttime is the perfect time to reclaim ourselves back to our inner world.

Even in the midst of everyday busyness, I am still able to catch myself here and there and tune in to what is really going on around me.

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